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Protect your computer for free with the new Tiranium Internet Security v6.416 and use all the power of the cloud security.
Keep your computer protected with our firewall and automatic intelligent scans against all types of threats. With Tiranium Cloud, you will be always updated against new malwares.
With our cloud of 21 millions of threats (and continues to rise each second), we offers the best protection to our users with all of our technology, for free.

With our new behavioral cloud scans, be protected against all zero-day (unknown) threats !
Analyze all suspicious files with our behavioral cloud and be safe against dangerous behaviors before running them (supports Trojans, Keyloggers, Ransomwares, Rogues, Stealers, Worms, Malware).

More stable, More powerful every day, Tiranium is always updated by our active development team.

On any problem with your computer or Tiranium, contact our online tchat support and receive the help of the Tiranium Team for free and fast.

With the easy-to-use interface and pre-configured settings and firewall, we offers to our users, a simple interface and stronger settings.

With the Quick Scan of Tiranium Internet Security, you will be always out of danger.
Our intelligent quick-scan take only 1 minute to analyze all dangerous paths of your computer to detect and stop all types of threats and with the help of our local behavior intelligence, offers the most faster scan of your computer and detect all suspicious files and infected files.


System Requirements

Tiranium Internet Security requires several things on your computer.
You can install them automatically during installation.

- Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1
- 512MB RAM
- Internet connection
- NET Framework v4.5 (included on the installation file)

Programs included in installation:

.NET FrameWork v4Tiranium AntiVirus

If you have any other security solutions on your computer, please add Tiranium Internet Security files to exceptions or white-list before using Tiranium to avoid conflicts.

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